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The Chicago Truck Accident Lawyers are here for you if you’ve been injured in a truck wreck. Get legal information on causes of truck accidents, factors in truck accidents, the kinds of injuries that are typically sustained, and issues that crop up with certain types of truck. There are an estimated 8.5 million trucks on the roads in the United States and Chicago is at the heart of the transportation industry, serving as a hub to organize shipments via both rail and the road. Over 60% of the traffic on Illinois highways is comprised of trucks, which is more than twice the number of private vehicles on the road.

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Injuries to motorists

Injuries to motoristsAlthough national accident data shows that the number of accidents on our roads continues to drop, the number of truck accidents each year remains high and there are too many people suffer injury because of this. Truck accidents are often times a lot more catastrophic due to the size and weight of these vehicles, and the resulting injuries too! Life threatening injuries to motorists are common place when a truck is involved, and the resulting, “collateral” injuries can be life changing too. This includes expensive surgery to repair any physical damages to the victims involved, as well as the additional financial losses incurred as a result of these types of accidents.

Inadequate Maintenance

Truck MaintenanceDefects and inadequate maintenance issues are often the cause of an accident, or at the very least contribute to the avoidance of an accident. It is the responsibility of the trucking company, and the driver to ensure that routine checks on the truck and all working parts are conducted; and that any issues requiring attention are attended to. Unfortunately there are times when defects are not detected, or even ignored and these may well contribute to a truck accident. Some of the most common defects or inadequately maintained parts of a truck include the braking & gear systems and lighting systems of the truck; and which are integral to the safe operation of a truck.

Injuries to truck Drivers

Injuries to Truck DriversTruck drivers may not always be at fault when it comes to truck accidents. Common injuries sustained by truck drivers are often related to occupational demands, which affect the drivers back and musculoskeletal health in general. It is important to understand that the employer of a truck driver is often times responsible for coverage of their injured workers, and any injury on duty whether occupational or accidental should be addressed fairly by all parties concerned. When dealt with unfairly, legal advice should be sought. Whether injured in a truck accident or due to a work related injury, as a truck driver you have rights!

Fatalities & Wrongful Death

Truck accident wrongful deathThe loss of a loved one is difficult enough, and when it comes to the loss of a breadwinner, a family can suffer even more, financially. Unfortunately truck accidents can be so devastating that the loss of life ensues, thereby robbing families of their loved ones, and their financial providers. With the high amount of truck accidents, as well as the possibility of multiple fatalities within a single truck accident, it is important to understand your rights as well as understand where and how to direct any claims or inquiries to. Consulting a Chicago Truck Injury or Wrongful death attorney will help you make the right decisions!

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Because of the sheer volume of trucking traffic in the state of Illinois, the likelihood of truck accidents is higher here than in other less convoluted states. No one expects to be in an accident, but as truck injury lawyers we are here to represent anyone who has experienced the unexpected.

Why Lawsuits Against Truck Companies are Different

Litigation is much simpler when there is only one party at fault for a negligent act that resulted in the injury of another person or damage to property. When an accident involves a truck, multiple companies are involved and every company that bears some of the responsibility will attempt avoid responsibility or pass the buck onto the other companies involved. Corporations are also able to afford great legal representation that will make every effort to exonerate their clients or to minimize the financial impact. Chicago Truck Injury Lawyers is a law firm that looks out for the individual and our clients will always be able to afford our services because we never require payment unless we win their cases. Our experience has allowed us to network with professionals who we can rely on to testify about the nature of an accident, the injuries that our clients have sustained and the financial impact that those injuries have. We are also aware of all of the tactics that trucking companies will use to claim an advantage such as making attempts to have their case heard in a jurisdiction that will be more lenient and sympathetic to the company instead of the individual.

Looking Out for your Best Interest

Trucking companies are going to always have representation that looks out for their interests, which is why you need someone who will do the same for you. The advocate that you work with must be able to negotiate a fair settlement that will cover all of your expenses or be able to win your case if it needs to go to court. Our experienced Chicago, IL truck accident attorneys will never advise you to accept a settlement that shortchanges you or doesn’t fully address your financial burden and we will do everything we can to maximize the amount of compensation that you receive either through settlement or judgment.

Get an experienced team of Chicago truck accident attorneys working for you. If you have been involved in a truck accident due to the negligence of a truck driver, Chicago Truck Injury Lawyers is here to advocate on your behalf. Contact us today for a free consultation that comes at no risk to you. Your information will be kept under strict confidentiality and we will only charge a fee upon winning your case or negotiating a settlement. Even if you do not reside in Illinois, we are able to help you due to our extended network of attorneys throughout the United States — we will even come out to your location if you are not in range of our offices.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple! To help victims fight for justice! And recover the compensation to meet with medical expenses and an improved quality of life for those unfairly and negligently injured as a result of a Truck Accident.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a Truck Accident,
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