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Back and Neck Injury

Lawyers for People With Back and Neck Injuries Related to Truck Crashes

The Chicagoland area sometimes seems like a gauntlet of trucks to maneuver. You have drivers not paying attention to their surroundings as they look to find their destination.

Unfortunately, trucks occasionally become dangerous to pedestrians and passenger vehicles. Which is why we have to be vigilant of our surroundings, because even the smallest of accidents can lead to serious back and neck injuries.

Too many people are hit by mistake on the road. The big question most consumers ask is how can drivers keep making these mistakes? To understand this, we ask ourselves why is this happening in the first place?

Back and Neck InjuryThis question is at the core of why Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers helps consumers with these cases.

We know how serious a back and neck injury can be to a family. If you or someone you know needs to reach out to our office with specific questions about back and neck injuries sustained in an Illinois truck accident call us at 888-424-5757.

Common causes of back and neck injuries sustained in trucking accidents

  1. Huge Blindspots– It is well known that trucks have huge blind spots when driving. Cars to their right or left of them often become victims when a truck suddenly changes lanes.

That is what happened to one of our clients in Joliet. They were driving next to a truck on a 4 lane highway when the truck changed lanes.

The car was in their blindspot. When the truck did hit the car, the car flipped over, and landed directly in a ditch.

Our client, a 65-year-old, was on their way home from work at a local food distribution company. The accident broke the clients neck, and required a cervical fusion to fix.

Because of the weeks of rehab and missed months of work, due to the injury we settled the case for over $1 million.

However, this all could be avoided with better vision for drivers on the side of their car. Otherwise, accidents will continue to happen.

  1. Not securing goods– Another issue that comes up far too often is flying parts and supplies from trucks. A Rosenfeld client in litigation right now is fighting a construction company that was transporting lumber and other supplies to a job site in Wisconsin.

As they were driving on I-90, pieces of lumber and other supplies starting flying off the truck and hit our clients’ car.

The impact caused our client to spin into the median, and then get hit by the cars behind them.

Federal laws states that all goods must be securely loaded on a truck. However, with lax training for drivers, and busy companies not conveying all of the rules this law was ignored to the detriment of our client, a single mother.

She is in her early 30’s, and was never injured prior to the accident. However, she discovered a few months after the accident that a concussion she suffered on the scene created residual back injuries.

The initial signs of ached pains turned into a painful tingling sensation down her leg that turned out to be Radiculopathy.

The client had a herniated disk that required injections and a two-three level lumbar fusion.

3.Distracted Drivers- We live in an age of mobile technology. The past decade has seen a rise in mobile devices that completely changed our lives.

Everywhere we go can be mapped out from our phones. Payments run through tablets. Shipments and inventories managed in a truck.

However, for all of these new tools, a lot of problems exist. Primarily, drivers getting distracted with devices while they are driving.

Take a delivery truck case Rosenfeld had in Waukegan. The delivery truck was transporting goods for a restaurant. However, the driver was not familiar with the area, and not paying attention to his surroundings.

He drove right through a red light and hit our clients (a husband and wife). The force of the impact was so strong that the husband hit the windshield. He had lacerations to his face, along with numerous back and neck injuries.

It is a reminder to everyone how precarious driving can be, and how important it is for drivers to stay focused on the road.

How we help can help you with a back or neck injury truck accident case

If you suffered any back and neck injuries, then it is time you had someone who can fight for your rights.

Far too often people think it will be faster without attorneys. However, in personal injury cases involving trucks usually, you are facing a multi-million-dollar legal team that will scrimp and stalls as much as possible to reduce your settlement.

Let us handle the details for you, so you can save time and energy for other areas of your life.

Let us know if you have any questions by calling us at 888-424-5757 for a free consultation today.