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Champaign Truck Accidents

Attorneys for People Injured in Champaign, IL Truck Accidents

A number of Champaign truck accidents have happened in the past few years. The college town at the intersection of US Route 57, 74, and 72. Because of this central location in Eastern Illinois, it is not surprising that the population increased by over 25% from 2000 to today.

This increase in population also explains the increase in trucking accidents in Champaign. Below are some of the main causes of these accidents, along with what to do if you were in a Champaign truck accident.

Understanding the Causes of Champaign Truck Accidents

  1. Weather conditions- 5 years ago, a U of I student was on his way back to campus. Right near the campus, a truck rear-ended him after sliding on a patch of ice.

The student’s car spun out. The resulting accident caused some head injuries and vision problems for the student that forced him to take a semester off a school.

While most would argue that ice is unavoidable, not so according to the government. The federal government decreed that trucks cannot use weather conditions to blame. The truck must maintain control of the vehicle regardless of the weather, or they are at fault.

Champaign Truck AccidentsThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recorded that out of the 104,000 people injured annually from trucking accidents, 73% of the victims are passengers in other vehicles.

This makes sense when you look at the weights of cars versus trucks. The average car weighs between 3,000 to 4,000 pounds. Conversely, trucks range between 10,000 to 26,000 pounds depending upon if they are carrying any cargo at the time.

It is the reason why the NHTSA felt that it was important for trucks to be able to drive safely in all types of weather climates, or wait until conditions improve.

  1. Improper loading- 7% of all trucking accidents happen because of improper loading of equipment and supplies.

In many cases, the truck does not have a load securement system, or it is inadequately used to keep the goods clamped down.

Again, the law states that all trucks must have proper load securement system while transporting goods. Those companies who do not are negligent of the law.

  1. Improper care in selecting a truck driver or company- Another growing issue comes from trucking companies not selecting the best drivers for their business.

With an average annual turnover rate of 87%, trucking companies constantly look for new blood. They sometimes do not spend as much time vetting candidates as they should. Otherwise, they would never be able to keep up with the demand for quality truckers.

Finally, the average CDL “Class A” training period is only 2-4 weeks for new truckers. Many new drivers cannot handle the pressure from all of the company and governmental regulations.

How can Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers Help You With a Champaign Trucking Collision Case

Once an accident happens, it is time to look at how to get justice foryour accident. The good news is that you do not need to do this alone.

In fact, it is in your best interest to hire a qualified legal team like Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers to ensure you can be fully compensated for the accident.

Otherwise, you can spend months go nowhere with insurance companies. That is because insurance companies specialize in paying out the lowest amount of money possible to accident victims. The more money they keep; the more profit they make.

Instead of paying claims promptly, they spend millions on legal teams every year to ensure that your settlement is as low as possible.

By having proven attorneys helping you navigate the system, you can receive over 350% more in compensation on average for settlements or verdicts than people who take on their own cases.

Learn more about how you can earn more in your settlement and get the justice you deserve by calling Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers at 888-424-5757about your Champaign truck accident today.

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