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Do I need a lawyer?

Many people that have been injured in truck accidents feel victimized. They want to regain not only what was actually taken from them but a sense of empowerment that they lost in the incident. Therefore, it is counterintuitive for them to want to seek help even though many of them end up doing so. When we meet with people that were involved in Illinois truck accidents, outside of identifying what kind and amount of compensation they can recover, they are normally also incredibly interested in how we can help them. They wonder what services we can provide that they cannot provide themselves. Here is a brief rundown of the benefits of obtaining a lawyer and why you should think about hiring one for your Illinois truck accident case.

Expertise with truck collision cases

Do I need a lawyer?These kinds of cases present very intricate legal problems. For instance, often times the actual truck driver who crashed into you will not be the only person that is responsible for the collision. His or her employer might also be liable for the damage you suffered regardless of whether or not that driver was an employee or an independent contractor. If he or she was an employee, you could still go after the employer on a theory that is known as respondeat superior. Under this doctrine, you can sue employers for all negligent acts that their employees committed within the scope of employment. See Lang v. Silva, 306 Ill. App. 3d 960 (1999).

Generally, if employees leave their scope of employment (such as by committing intentional torts), then their employers are not responsible for the damage that results. See Williams v. Hall, 288 Ill. App. 3d 917 (1997). However, there are some situations where they are still liable. See Bryant v. Livigni, 250 Ill. App. 3d 303 (1993). This is just one issue but it represents the broader array of issues that will confront you in your case. Having a team of experienced and zealous attorneys at your side to tackle them will ensure that they do not capsize your chances at recovery.

Resources necessary to prosecute truck accident cases

From the very beginning, lawsuits cost money, and that really never stops until a verdict or settlement is reached. Nearly every time you want to file a document, make a motion or enter an exhibit, Illinois courts charge you. With complicated cases, you will most likely need expert witnesses. They can charge by the hour and sometimes they do so by as much as $500 to $1,000. Other related expenses include investigation, testing, and serving the summons. Additionally, there are various legal costs associated with cases including, but not limited to, legal research, communication with opposing counsel, production of topics, and others.

Finally, maybe the most expensive but hidden cost that lawsuits charge you is your time. If you take it on yourself you will have to devote months of your life to this effort and possibly for no dividend. Just this glimpse of what a suit could mean to you in terms of expenses should show you that investing in a firm is worth it. Plus, most plaintiffs’ attorneys take on the case and all of its expenses at no cost to you unless they return you an acceptable jury verdict or settlement amount.

Action Needed to Prosecute Commercial Truck Crash Cases

Outside of investing a lot of time and money into your lawsuit if you do not choose to hire a law firm to represent you in your Illinois truck accident case, you will also have to actually do certain things efficiently. First, you will need to investigate the facts underlying the incident and obtain all material evidence and witnesses, expert witnesses if need be. Then, you will need to serve all relevant parties or witnesses or have the county serve them for you. Next, you will need to prepare your complaint, exhibits, and any subsequent motions.

Finally, if you actually go to trial, you will need to argue your case, rebut your opponent’s case, and win any post-trial motions. If you want to do all of these things, you can but a qualified group of attorneys can most certainly do them better while keeping you informed and engaged throughout the entire process. Lawsuits take action and skill. Without them, you are playing at a great disadvantage which bodes poorly for your potential recovery.

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