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Elgin Truck Accidents

Elgin Truck Accident Attorneys

Situated along the banks of the Fox river, it is not surprising that Elgin grew to be one of the largest cities in the state of Illinois. With I-90 running through the northern boundary of the city, it is a crossroads of traffic from companies bringing goods in from out of state, as well as the 4 million tourists visiting the Grand Victoria Casino every year.

One unfortunate legacy of being a transportation hub is being known for a number of Elgin truck accidents.

Also interesting to see is that when you are driving past Elgin the speed limit goes up from 55 to 65.  As drivers who were stuck in Chicago traffic now have the freedom to go fast, it unfortunately causes a number of trucking traffic accidents.

What causes the different trucking accidents?

  1. Too much time on the road– Take the case of a semi-truck that rear-ended a client of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers. The driver of a truck rear-ended a car at the end of their shift. Our client was an elderly man.

Elgin Truck AccidentsAt the time, the truck driver had been on the road at or in excess of the federal regulations for rest. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act (FMCSA) mandates that drivers max out their work day at 14 hours per day. They can only be in their truck driving 11 hours per day. This maxes them out at around 70 hours per week.

However, in this case, the driver was maxing out his time, or going a little past the legal time limit. As a result, the driver dozed off and hit our client.

While there was only a few thousand dollars’ worth of damage to the car, the elderly man faced more extensive damages.

This is why the federal government put these restrictions in place. They understand how dangerous it can be to have drivers on the road for too long. They therefore added a number of penalties to prevent driving violations like this.

The civic penalties are $2,750 per offense to the driver, as well as $11,000 per offense to the company. Despite these warnings many companies are skirting the law, as you see with the Elgin truck accident we just discussed.

  1. Companies pushing drivers too hard- Even with these new laws in place restricting how much drivers work, trucking companies still managed to increase the cumulative number of miles driven in the United States between 2010 (the year before the FMCSA passed) and 2013. In 2010, truck drivers went a cumulative 397.8 million miles. Comparatively, in 2013 they drove 432.9 billion miles.

That amounts to an 8.8% growth rate over three years, even as average driver hours went down, from 82 to 70 hours per week.

While new hires can account for some of these changes, as you will see with the next point, it is not entirely responsible for this rise. Instead, companies are pushing their drivers to go faster in shorter periods of time. Some drivers are also driving their cabs during their supposed off hours.

  1. Improper care choosing a truck driver or company- Because of all of the challenges we just mentioned, it is not surprising that many trucking companies do not always pick the best people. In fact, the trucking industry regularly experiences close to a100% annual turnover.

This rate of turnover would destroy most companies.The average employee turnover rate in the United States is closer to 15% annually.

The expense in repeatedly hiring new drivers can cost some companies millions of dollars per year in training and administration. It is also the reason why sometimes companies do not do enough due diligence when hiring new drivers.

They may hire inexperienced drivers who are not prepared for the rigors of such heavy workloads.

How We Can Help You With Your Elgin Truck Crash Case?

The trucking and insurance industry do their best to reduce the amount of money you receive. It is only natural, since the insurance company wants to avoid spending money on your accident.

Therefore, when it comes to cases like the one we mentioned earlier with the elderly man, you might see them trying to settle the case early on. They do this to minimize your recovery of expenses.

In this case, the elderly man had a pacemaker in his chest. When he was hit, the steering wheel hit his chest, fractured his sternum, and displaced the pacemaker.

The client initially thought that it was just a bit of discomfort. He did not realize until days later that this was a serious cause for concern. He needed to have the lead on the pacemaker changed, along with care for other substantial injuries from the accident.

If he had settled early, then he would have received only a minimal amount of money for his expenses. This is one of the reasons you need a thorough legal examination before settling your case.

In his case, it turned out that the injuries were substantial enough to warrant a $450,000 settlement.

Most clients’ initial inclination, however, is to settle. They do not want to keep thinking about the accident over and over again. Therefore, they might not even consult an attorney.

Yet, while you are trying to get back to your life, the insurance company does whatever legally possible to minimize their payouts to you.

Next Steps…

If you were in an accident, be aware that you do not need to go through it alone. It is possible to have the peace and calm of mind you need to live your life on your terms after a trucking accident.

Therefore, if you need an attorney who can help you return to your life and still get the justice you deserve, feel free to call Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers at 888-424-5757 about your Elgin trucking accident.

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