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Joliet Truck Accidents

Attorneys for People Injured in Joliet Truck Accidents

Imagine driving home from work on I-80 when you are suddenly cut off by a truck switching lanes. Joliet truck accidents like this happen regularly in the sleepy manufacturing town. In this case, a Rosenfeld Injury Attorney client was hit because of the trucks’ huge blind spot where the car was driving. Our clients’ car flipped over and went into a ditch. Fortunately, the driver survived. However, an accident that happened in mere seconds required a few months’ rest and rehab to get back on their feet.

It begs the question? How can there be so many accidents? Our Joliet truck accident lawyers appreciate the dangers motorists

Causes Behind Joliet Truck Accidents

While there are countless reasons why trucks have accidents, here are a few of the top causes we have seen in the Joliet area.

1. Inadequate training – Did you know the average CDL class for new truck drivers is just 2-4 weeks.

Joliet Truck AccidentsFurthermore, while some companies do require at least a year of experience, many like Old Dominion allow in lieu of 1 years’ experience, drivers can be a “graduate of a State Certified and Licensed truck driving school… and/or have satisfactorily completed the Old Dominion truck driver training program.”
While CDL requirements are a good start, 2-4 weeks of training is not enough to handle the truck machinery. With less training, it is not surprising that these drivers get into more accidents.

2. Compensation and Safety Programs do not mix – The government has passed a number of new laws (see below) to reduce the number of hour’s drivers stay on the road each week.

Companies pay drivers on a per-mile basis. That means if a driver wants to make more money, they need to drive more miles in less time. That encourages drivers to go at the top speeds available to them (or faster). The faster they drive; the more miles they cover. The more miles, the more money they earn. Therefore, if your average new driver earns between $.25-$.27 per mile, it only makes sense for them to see how many miles they can drive to increase their salary.

The difference between 60 and 70 miles per hour might not seem like much. Except that 10 miles faster equals another $840 extra in salary. For a new driver making around $40,000 per year this could is the equivalent of a 2.5% raise. This is based on maxing out their driving times of 11 hours per day. However, long driving duration have proven to lead to increased injuries and fatalities.

3. Driver hours – Speaking of driving 11 hours, let’s talk about how drivers are maxing out the number of hours they can drive each week.

In 2011, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) adjusted the rules to drivers to max out the number of hours they drive. The rules limited truck drivers to 70 hours of work per week. Furthermore, truckers rest periods increased to reduce the number of hours they felt fatigue.

With all of these changes, you have to ask yourself, why are there still problems.

The answer is that while the number of hours changed from an average of 82 to 70 per week, drivers still faced intense pressure from companies to drive a “little bit” over the hours or as close to the 70-hour mark as possible. They do this, because goods need to be shipped.

However, even with drivers working 14-hour maximum per day, and 11 hours on the road it is still a grueling schedule. One that can exhaust most drivers over time.

Joliet truck accidents attorney ready to fight for you!

What happens if you already got in an accident? Well, as much as we would like to hope it does not happen, we want to be realistic about helping you recover as much dignity and justice from the accident as possible.
Therefore, Rosenfeld Injury Attorneys have dedicated their career to fighting the big trucking companies. While those large firms might have multi-million dollar staffs to help them, we have to put together our own arsenal to help you in your case.

Rosenfeld Injury Attorneys gathered together, accident reconstruction specialists, medical examiners, economists, and attorneys who work on your behalf to recover the medical expenses, as well as reimburse you for the injustices you experienced with this case.

The best way to fight your case, is to have experts on your side willing to help you recover the money you deserve from your accident.

We started Rosenfeld Injury Attorneys based on the idea of holding those people accountable for
We have helped hundreds of clients over the past few years recover over $50 million in damages they received in trucking and other accidents. Call us today for a free consultation at 888-424-5757 to learn how we can you with your trucking accident.

Final Thoughts for Truck Injury Victims

And what about the driver we mentioned at the beginning of the article. Well, our client received a cervical fusion as a result to injuries to their neck and back. They also required intense rehab work to recover. Rosenfeld Injury Attorneys then helped the client recover 1 million in damages for medical expenses, time missed at work, and pain and suffering.

While no one should have to go through this experience, if you do, then you deserve the right team fighting for you.
If you have experienced a Joliet truck accident, or know someone who has, feel free to reach out to Rosenfeld Injury Attorneys at 888-424-5757 with any questions you might have.

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