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Naperville Truck Accidents

Naperville Truck Accident Attorneys

Naperville truck accidents occur far too often. Anyone who ever drove on I-88 can attest to how the fast trucks drive once they pass the Oakbrook tollway. By the time trucks cruise past Naper Road, they reach speeds between 70-80 miles per hour.

While cops monitor the highway, it is still a hot spot for fast driving trucks moving in and out of lanes.

Two years ago one of those high speed trucks become the type of story you never want to hear about on the news. A delivery truck rear ended a car at high speeds on I-88with a mother and daughter on board.

Naperville Truck AccidentsWhile fortunately, there were no fatalities. However, there were some serious injuries as a result of the accident. That is when Rosenfeld Injury Attorneys stepped in to help the mother and daughter.

Because the daughter was underage, the mother filed suit on behalf of herself and her underage daughter for the medical costs, along with the pain and suffering from the case.

The mother had pain in her back and neck.

However, it was her daughter who needed the most treatment. She suffered from a fractured knee cap. The traditional orthopedic surgery did not heal properly. Therefore, she needed surgery and fairly extensive rehab.

During the process to go to trial, Rosenfeld discovered two scary facts. First, the driver was new on the job. He was from one of the CDL mill schools that have popped up in recent years.

Second, this was his second accident in only a few weeks on the job. The company should have removed the driver from the job after the first incident. Then all of this would have been avoided.

Because of the facts, Rosenfeld Attorneys recovered $1.2 million on behalf of the daughter and $300K for the mother.

Understanding the Causes Behind Truck Crashes on Illinois Roads

The case we mentioned above was not the first, and certainly not the last Naperville truck accident.

That is why it is so important to understand some of the main causes that lead to these trucking accidents.

  1. Poor Training- The federal government has minimum standards for truck drivers, that are woefully inadequate for the job. On average, most new truck drivers receive 2-4 weeks before they are put on the streets with some of the largest vehicles in the history of mankind.

Consider the ad from Roadmaster Drivers School. They are a leading Commercial Drivers License (CDL) training center. A CDL Class A is needed to drive a big rig truck up to 26,000 lbs.

Roadmaster entices new drivers with the possibility of being on the road in their new career in as little as three weeks.

Compare this to the US Army requirements for truck drivers. They require military drivers to receive 7 weeks of training (over 200 hours of real driving time) after their 10 weeks of basic training.

The driver in the case we mentioned earlier did not receive the benefit of added military training that could have prevent this accident.

  1. Tired Truckers- Over 4,000 people die in truck driving accidents every year. A leading cause are truckers who are too tired to drive safely.

That is why in 2011, the FMCSA instituted a new rule to limit truck drivers to 70 hours per week, along with appropriate rest periods.

While the rules helped to decrease the number of accidents, many companies are secretly pushing drivers to falsify their records to drive longer.

The truckers who are caught could be penalized $2,750 for each offense. Similarly, the trucking companies could be penalized $11,000 per offense. Yet, the practice still exists.

  1. Slow Down- The limited time they have on the road, plus the tremendous pressure truckers face to get their cargo delivered on time have led to speeding trucks. Considering how much traffic Chicago has, truck drivers who get to Naperville use the open highway there to make up for lost time.

While they are not all driving like jack rabbiting bandits on the run, a number of truckers speed up in less populated areas in order to deliver their goods on time.

The pressure to deliver on-time or find a new job can be immense. This type of pressure is not good for anyone involved. Therefore, the best thing a driver can do is slow down.

Otherwise, they could face a lot more problems than being late for a shipment.

What you can do to protect your legal rights following a Naperville crash

The big question every person who has ever been in a trucking accident asks is what do you do now?

First, contact an attorney immediately. If you are in Illinois, you can call our office at 888-424-5757 for a free phone consultation.

The reason you need to contact an attorney early is because the attorney needs to investigate the situation as soon as possible. When a victim calls months afterwards, it is harder to piece together vital information to get a fair settlement.

Second, save all of your paperwork. From the tickets from the police to the medical bills to any doctor recommendations or prescriptions to any other relevant information to the case, it is vital that you have a paper trail of what happened.

The more information you have backing up your claim, the more you can receive for your injuries, lost time on the job, and suffering.

Third, do not allow the insurance company to pay your medical bills.This is worth repeating! Do NOT allow the insurance company to immediately pay your medical bills.

They try to do this at the beginning as documentation that you do not want a settlement. It is a trick they use to reduce how much you receive.

Final Thoughts on Naperville Truck Accidents

No one wants to go through a trucking accident. However, those who do should receive justice for what they went through.

Therefore, if you are looking for a fair deal from a bad situation we want to help you. Contact us at Rosenfeld Injury Attorneys at 888-424-5757to learn more about how we can help you today.

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