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Rockford Truck Accidents

Lawyers for People Injured in Rockford Truck Accidents

Rockford is still a regional industrial super power. Sitting between Chicago, Milwaukee, and Madison, it is no surprise that so many people use I-90 and go through Rockford to get to their destination.

Unfortunately, this large amount of traffic has led to a number of Rockford truck accidents.

With speed limits of 65 miles per hour, those traveling through the third largest city in Illinois drive through fast. That is why it is so important to understand the cause of these accidents, in order to prevent them in the future, as well as understand what you can do if you were in a trucking accident in Rockford.

Understanding the causes of Rockford Trucking Accidents

  1. Improper loading– When trucks are going 65 miles per hour cargo can slide and shift.They therefore must be checked to ensure that both the truck and all its cargo is locked up safely.

If it isn’t, you could have an incident like the one our client faced recently. This case is still in litigation, but here are the broad details.

Rockford Truck AccidentsA flatbed construction truck was transporting lumber and other supplies on I-90 to a job site in Wisconsin. All of a sudden, some of the supplies and lumber fell off the truck. The lumber flew off the truck and hit our clients’ car.

The impact caused our client to lose control of her car. She spun out and hit the median. A car traveling behind our client also hit her car as she was going into the median, which only enhanced the trauma from the accident.

Federal law states that companies and drivers must secure the loads on their truck before leaving the load site. The truck driver was unaware of this federal law, however, because the company had not notified him of it.

Our client is a single mother in her early 30’s. This accident caused a number of injuries for her, many she did not discover until months after the accident.

  1. Improper care in selecting a truck driver or company– Companies today are putting new drivers out on the road at an unprecedented rate. With all of the new laws limiting driver hours and the increased demand for shipping goods, they have no other choice.

Drivers only need a valid commercial driver license, clean driving record, and a few weeks of trucking companies are forgoing 12 months of previous driver experience in exchange for a CDL Class A license.

However, a few weeks of training is not enough for a driver who is responsible for a 26,000 pound truck driving through the public highway system.

Lack of training is the primary reason why drivers are ignorant of rules as simple as making sure all goods are secured to the back of your truck.

  1. Tired DriversIn addition to lack of proper training, truck drivers are tired. The federal government now limits the professional driver work day to 14 hours per day with a maximum of 11 hours on the road.

Most drivers need the maximum number of hours just to reach their destination. Despite fines of $2,750 for drivers and $11,000 for companies for exceeding this maximum, a scary percentage of commercial trucking companies are violating these laws to get loads and packages to their destination on-time.

This leads to more tired drivers on the road, incapable of making the best decisions, in vehicles that can cause a lot of public harm.

What do you do if you are in a Rockford trucking accident?

How do you protect your rights, and get the just compensation you need?

Going back to the Rockford truck accident we mentioned earlier with the young mother, it all starts with seeing a professional, whether that’s a doctor, an attorney, or both.

The single mother in this accident had never been injured before, and did not perceive the extent of her injuries.

She discovered only months later that she had suffered a severe concussion from which she lost consciousness for 15 minutes.

This created residual back injuries that she initially thought were just aches and pains. She was actually experiencing Radiculopathy, a condition affecting the nerves, which she noticed after tingling pain down her leg.

Our client also had a herniated disk. She needed injections and a two-three level lumbar fusion to repair the injuries.

This brings up another point. Do not just settle with the insurance company after their first offer. First, it is usually a low ball offer, and second, they want to avoid having to pay the costs for any injuries that might appear later on.

In fact, attorneys generally get you 350% more compensation for your injuries and suffering than you could on your own.

That is why it is so important to have an attorney who can negotiate on your behalf.

Finally, keep all paperwork and documentation throughout your case. You need a record of what happened. This includes your accident report, medical bills, and other documents related to your case.

How can Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers help you?

Our firm is dedicated to helping victims of trucking accidents get their just compensation. For the past five years we have helped all of our clients recover a cumulative $50 million in damages.

If you want to know how you can recover the money lost from expenses in your Rockford truck accident, then please call us at 888-424-5757for a free consultation.

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