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Truck Accident Injuries

Lawyers for People Injured in Truck Accidents

Over the past few years’ governments have created numerous laws to help prevent truck accidents. However, a number of truck accidents still happen every year in Illinois.

Therefore, it is important to understand more about these accidents and the people they injure.

What are the primary causes of truck accidents?

While a number of reasons exist for truck accidents, a few trends have emerged over the past few years.

Lack of Training- In the United States today, obtaining a CDL Class A license only requires 2-4 weeks of training, plus a clean driving and criminal history. Most of these drivers are then out on the road just a week or two later.

Truck Accident InjuriesComparatively, to get your Motor Transport Operator (88M) license in the military, you need to first pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test, then 10 weeks of basic training, and 7 weeks of Advanced Individual Training.

Overall, drivers in the military spend 200 hours in actual vehicles and field training environments.

While truck drivers do not require basis training, it might not be a bad idea for them to have the same amount of time behind the wheel in training as military drivers.

Overwhelming Demands-Beyond the lack of training, another disturbing trend has been the overwhelming demands put on truck drivers over the past few years.

The Federal Motor Carrier Service Act hours of service rule decreased the maximum number of hours per week from 82 to 70 hours per week. The daily limit is 11-hours per day with a 14-hour work day.

However, most trucking companies now demand almost as much from truckers during this time period as they would previously. It has led to trucking companies pushing the laws to their limits, as well as potential civic penalties.

Which makes sense, since that in 2013 truckers logged 432.9 billion miles across the United States compared to 397.8 billion miles the year before the law passed. That is an 8.8% growth in mileage in three years even with the new restrictions on drivers’ time on the road.

It is part of the reason why the driver turnover rate is close to 87% per annum.  This compares to a turnover rate of 15.1% across all industries and 29.3% in the hospitality industry.

It leads to accidents like the one to a client ours in Elgin. They were rear-ended by a semi-truck with a moderate speed at a light during rush hour.

The driver was on the road at or in excess of the FMCSA laws. He dozed off, and caused a few thousand dollars of damage to our clients car.

The problem was that the personal damages were more extensive. Our client is an elderly man with a pace maker. He hit the steering wheel, and his pacemaker broke.

Bad weather-Another cause for truck accidents comes from weather related accidents. Take a case we represented 5 years ago. A University of Illinois student was on their way back to campus when a truck rear ended them.

The truck was travelling so fast that the car spun out, and the student needed a semester off of a school to take care of some head and vision problems.

While trucking companies will use the ice patch as an excuse, the federal government has declared that federal trucks must be able to maintain control of the truck regardless of the weather conditions.

Therefore, we were able to successfully compensate the student for their injuries, as well as their pain and suffering.

How can we help ensure that you get the compensation you deserve for your truck accident case!

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Whether a truck accident injury is from bad weather, overwhelming demands, or a lack of training, we can ensure that you receive the settlement you deserve.

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