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Poorly Maintained Trucks

poorly maintained truck

Accidents Caused by Poorly Maintained Trucks

Poorly maintained trucks on highways, roads and streets create immediate dangerous situations for every motorist, passenger, bicyclist and pedestrian sharing the roadway. Federal and state rules and regulations require trucking companies and truckers to routinely inspect and maintain their vehicle to repair any problem before allowing the vehicle to return to the road. Unfortunately, many trucking companies put profits ahead of safety and violate these regulations that often results in accidents with devastating injury and wrongful death.

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Serious truck accidents can occur anywhere on the interstate, local side streets and busy roads. Rear end collisions caused by defective equipment can produce catastrophic consequences, leaving the victim with lifelong medical problems and emotional trauma. This is because a fully loaded commercial truck can carry cargo weighing in excess of 80,000 pounds. Even a slight mishap in a large commercial vehicle with faulty tires, defective brakes or malfunctioning equipment can cause horrific results.

Broken Equipment Problems

Truck companies, truckers and maintenance crews are required to maintain the truck to ensure it operates safely. By law, they must ensure the tires are filled properly and repair brakes, replace windshield wipers and install adequate safety equipment to secure the cargo in transport. Any insufficient inspection and lack of repair of the truck and its parts can cause dangerous scenarios. Common equipment problems with poorly maintained trucks include:

  • Broken hydraulic lines in the braking system
  • Malfunctioning air brakes
  • Broken taillights, turn signals and headlights
  • Balding tires
  • Missing lighting reflectors and devices
  • Ineffective windshield wipers
  • Broken mirrors
  • Insufficient parking brake to hold the weight of the vehicle
  • Broken coupling device connecting the trailer and the cab
  • Faulty steering system

Many accidents are the result of a defective or dangerous truck part that has been designed or manufactured improperly. Faulty equipment can easily cause an accident such as blowing out a tire or defective brakes that fail to slow or stop the vehicle in time.

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Legally Required Maintenance for All Commercial Trucks

Trucking companies are legally required to maintain every truck in their fleet to ensure the safety of others on the road. Any lack of performing the legally required maintenance puts the trucker, other motorists and passengers in grave danger if the large commercial vehicle causes an accident.

In addition, the trucking company must follow regulated federal and state laws to hire only the most experienced truck driver that has a proper license, training and experience. Any failure in the hiring process can expose the truck company to legal liability should the poorly maintained truck be involved in an accident that causes injuries or death.

Victims that suffer serious damages will file a civil lawsuit or claim against the trucking company, trucker, truck manufacturer, parts manufacturer, supplier or others at fault for the accident. However, even straightforward poorly maintained truck accident cases are extremely complicated to litigate in Illinois civil court and often require the skills of experienced Chicago truck injury lawyers. This is because the victim must prove the case by showing the truck company and trucker poorly inspected, maintained and repaired the commercial vehicle, or not at all.

Hiring an Attorney to Investigate & Prosecute an Accident Caused by Insufficient Maintenance on a Truck

The skilled commercial vehicle injury accident attorney that Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers are experienced in in handling truck crashes involving a lack of maintenance. We build strong cases for financial compensation by investigating the accident to determine a variety of factors including:

  • Did the commercial vehicle receive proper maintenance?
  • What is the date of the last truck inspection?
  • Did the trucker at the time of the accident have the proper commercial truck license to drive a big rig in Illinois?
  • Has the trucker been involved in any prior truck accident?
  • Was the commercial vehicle overloaded at the time of the accident?
  • Was the trucker distracted when the accident occurred because of drinking, eating, texting, or speaking on a cell phone?
  • Does the driver have a truck violation history such as drinking and driving?
  • Do the logbooks show that the trucker took the mandatory rest breaks as required by federal law?

Filing a civil case against the trucking company and trucker is not a just about receiving financial compensation, but about justice and holding individuals accountable for their negligent actions. Our team of dedicated truck accident case attorneys fight aggressively for our clients and work as their legal advocates to obtain the recompense they deserve.

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